This guide will show you how to create a Round Robin competition in the Football Competition Management Platform.

1. Select Competition

After you login to the system select Competitions on the left hand side

2. Create a Competition

And then Select Create Competition'

The User will be directed through a Competition creation workflow and it will guide you though all Steps required to successfully create a competition.

There are 3 Steps of this workflow

  • Competition details
  • Competition Structure 
  • Summary

3. General Information

Fill in the the general information of the competition and click Submit to advance.

4. Contact Information

Fill in the contact info and select Submit to advance.

5. Competition Settings

Set up the competition using the different options available and select Submit to advance.

Hover the cursor on the "?" on the left part of the screen to obtain additional info on the different settings, this help text will assist to explain each option before selecting.

6. Discipline Settings

The discipline settings enable the Competition Manager to create discipline rules which will determine after how many red/yellow cards a player/official will be suspended. To add a rule select the Add Rule button. To save the rule select the Check mark button and Select Submit to advance.

Example of rules:

  • A player shall be suspend for the next match after receiving 3 yellow cards (in 3 different matches):

  • A player shall be suspended for the next match after receiving a red card:

Rules can be removed or modified until the start of the competition

Two yellow cards in the same match, the second yellow card turns into red. This rule exist by default in the system and do not need to be set by the user.

Select next on the bottom of the page to advance to the next part of the competition creation.

7.Create a Stage

To initiate the Stage creation select on "+CREATE STAGE" button

Select the Round robin stage, and select the "CREATE" button:

8. Stage General information

Fill in the the stage general information and select Submit to advance.

9. Stage fixture settings

Here you will need to select if you want to generate fixtures automatically or want to create them manually or import it via csv file (How to import fixture via csv file can found here). Select the way you want to proceed further and click submit.

10. Stage Standings settings

Check if standing calculation settings are correct for your round robin competition and select Submit and Next to advance to final Summary stage.

11. Summary

Summary show you summary about the competition you are about to create. If everything appears okay select Submit and competition will be created instantly.

Competition will default to Draft mode once Competition is created