This information is to guide Member Associations how to edit the teams in a competition and also team information such as general information, player list and team kits. 

1. Add or Remove Team in a Competition

Navigate to the Teams tab.

To add more teams, simply click on the Add Team button. For more information on this, follow the Creating a Team List guide.

To remove a Team, click on the 3 vertical dots button and an option to Remove button will pop up. Click on the Remove button to confirm removal of team from the competition.

2. Edit Team Information

Under the Teams tab, under the list of teams in competition, navigate to the team that user wish to edit. Click on the View button to navigate to the team information page.

Under this page, user is able to edit and perform changes to the following

  • Team logo 
  • General information 
  • Player lists
  • Team kits. 

User can click on the camera icon, Edit or Manage button to perform the necessary changes.

3. Manage Player List

Under this tab, user will be able to either manually add/remove players and team officials. In order to do that, user should press "Manage"

To add/remove players and team officials, user can either use the search function or select from the list of players/team officials then click on Add to List or Remove. Also under this tab, the user will be able to use the Copy Previous function to copy the list from the previous competition. 

Once this is done, click on Save and the updated list will appear under the Player List tab. A similar step could be done for the General Information and Team Kits

New venues and team kits will need to be first registered/created before it would appear under the "GENERAL INFORMATION" and "TEAM KITS" list for selection. User can refer to the "How to Create Team Kits" guide for more information.

4. Edit Player List

Under this tab, user will be able to edit players' position and jersey numbers as well as team officials' role in the team.

Scroll down to edit match officials role