This information is to guide the Member Association on how to create a team list for a competition within the Competition Management System.

Add Team

Once a competition is created, navigate to the "TEAMS" tab.

Under the page, you will be able to see the number of teams added for the competition. To add a team, click on the "ADD TEAM" button and a new tab ("ADD TEAM") will appear on the top navigation panel.

Look out for the yellow alert/warning symbol on the competition page or tab for additional information/steps required

Select Team

Under the "ADD TEAM" tab, you will be able to search and select/add teams from a list by typing the name of the team. Select/Add the team and click on "SUBMIT" to proceed and follow the next steps on "GENERAL INFORMATION" and "TEAM KITS". 

User may wish to change any of the information (Team name in competition, Team venues etc, if no changes are made it will remain by default according to the information created previously for the team) before clicking "SAVE".

Once clicked on "SAVE", the system will prompt user if they would like to copy player list from previous competition. You can also manually add or edit the player list later under "TEAMS" tab then the specific team.

Only Players/Officials that are active within the current season will be available to be copied across to the new Competition.

Please note that the list will only show teams that were already created, if you would like to create a team you can click on the "CREATE TEAM" button. You can refer to the "How to create teams" user guide for more information.