This guide will show you how to use Football Competition Management System to import a fixture. 

1. Select Competition

After logging in to the system select on Competitions on the left hand side and find the competition you want to import the fixtures and click View.

2. Select Stage of Competition to Import

Select the stage where you want to import those fixtures and select Fixtures tab

3 Populate Teams

Select on Team Grid and populate teams to specific slots which will be used in a template.

4 Download Fixture

Select on Export button to download the the fixture.csv template file.

5 Complete csv file

Open fixture.csv template file and enter all fields

  • Match number
  • Round number 
  • Match Day number 
  • Match date time 
  • Home team 
  • Away team 
  • Home team slot number (these are the numbers from Step 3
  • Away team slot number (these are numbers from Step 3) 
  • Venue 

Once completed please save the file

6 Import Fixture

Within the competition now select the Import button, here you can select to upload the file saved in Step 5 and select to import again.

Please make sure that the date/time format under the 'Match date time' column has the following yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm (24 hour format)

If you do not get any error messages your fixtures are successfully imported.