This information will explain how to initiate the creation of a group competition for Competition Managers.

Before creating any competitions, please ensure all set up items have been reviewed and amended accordingly. Find more information on How to Set Up before Creating a Competition.

1. Select Competition

From the menu on left side of the screen select on "Competitions"

2. Create a Competition

Press on "Competition" and then select "Multi-stage".

The User will be directed through a Competition creation workflow and it will guide you through all Steps required to successfully create a competition.

There are 4 Steps to complete:

  • General information
  • Contact details
  • Competition settings
  • Discipline settings

3. General Information

Fill in the general information of the competition and select "Submit" to advance.

Fields marked with * are mandatory and should be filled in order to advance to the next step.

4. Contact Information

Fill in the contact information and select 'Next' to advance.

It is possible to add a Regional Competition Manager under the option 'Assigned Managers', users with this role will be able to carry out the same functionalities as a Competition Manager, but in this case they will only have access to do so within this specific competition. Find more information on Regional Competition Manager Role Overview. 

5. Competition Settings

This part will allow you to set up the competition settings, which will be used for all the created stages under this competition.

Player list 

Submission deadline for player list indicates the date till when players can be added to the player list under the team by Club admin. The number of players option will set what is the minimum and maximum amount of players who can be added to the team. The number of foreign players will set what is the maximum amount of foreign players who can be added to the team in the competition. Player age option is designed for underage competitions. You can set the particular date and players born after that date can not be added to the team player list under the competition. 

Match sheet 

Submission deadline for match sheet indicates the date till when before a kick-off the Club admin can assign the starting lineup, substitutes, and team officials for a particular match. Number of players shows the minimum and maximum amount of players who can be registered for the match. 

Match details

Match duration allows you to modify periods amount and lenght in this competition. Competition manager can enable Extra Time (XT) and Penalty shoot-outs (PSO) if such option is expected. If Live data collection is enabled, it prevents data from being overwritten in the our system, once scores are added in FCMS. How to use Fair play score calculation, please follow the support article. 

Match officials

The predefined list of Match Officials and their groups (if needed) should be set up before moving forward. You may specify minimum Group requirement for Match Officials, so only Match Officials from the specified Group or higher in rank can participate in this competition.

Expense reporting functionality allows competition and referee manager to track and define the default rates of the selected referees work. Enabling the "Rate editing option" will let the Match Officials easily to submit any amount for the match they were assigned to, however, later this should be approved by the referee manager after submitting the reportMore information here.

Hover the cursor on the "?" on the left part of the screen to obtain additional info on the different settings, this help text will assist to explain each option before selecting.

6. Discipline Settings

The discipline settings enable the Competition Manager to create discipline rules which will determine after how many red/yellow cards a player/official will be suspended. To add a rule, select the Create Rule button. To save the added rule, press on the Check mark button under the Actions column and rule is saved. Once all rules are created, proceed by pressing "Create". 

Example of rules:

  • A player shall be suspended for the next match after receiving 3 yellow cards (in 3 different matches):

  • A player shall be suspended for the next match after receiving a red card:

Rules can be removed or modified until the start of the competition

Two yellow cards in the same match, the second yellow card turns into red. This rule exist by default in the system and do not need to be set by the user.

7.Create a Stage

To initiate the Stage creation select on "+CREATE STAGE" button

Select the Group type stage, and click the 'CREATE" button:

8. Stage General Information

Fill in the the general information of the stage and select "Next" to advance.

9. Groups in stage

Create as many groups as required. Select the "Add" button to create a group, select the number of teams in the group and select the check mark button to save the group.  Select "Next" to advance.

10. Fixture setting

Here you will need to select if you want to generate fixtures automatically (Automatic), create them manually or import it via csv file (How to import fixture via csv file can found here). If you choose to proceed with Automatic option, you have to identify how much rounds there will be in competition, you may choose default kick off time for the game and days. Moreover, there is a possibility to add multiple Exception dates, if some games cannot be played during your selected default days, due to public holidays for example. Select the way you want to proceed further and click Next and Create.

Hover the mouse on the "?" on the left part of the screen to obtain additional info on the different settings.

11. Team list and Team grid 

By default created stage will have "Draft" status. In order to change it to the schedule, there are two mandatory steps:

To check other group schedules, press on the Group name (in this case "Group A") and other groups will be seen in a dropdown list.

12. Change stage status to "scheduled"

To proceed with entering match data and managing team sheets for the matches, stage status should be changed to "scheduled"

Once the status is changed, you are no longer able to delete matches from the stage.