This information is to provide Member Associations the steps on how to schedule a Registration Window for a desired role to automatically open and close for a certain time frame. This function is only accessible by the 'MA System Admin' user role.

Overview of registration window can be found here.

MA level users can still do registrations on behalf on Club/Regional Association (RA)/District Association (DA) users after the registration window is closed.



1. Set Registration Window

MA level users may set a particular date range to allow a certain role (i.e. MA Official, Referee, Player etc) for registration, which such registrations can only be done during the date range stated. Registrations done before or after the date range will not be allowed.

  • Select 'My Association'
  • Select 'Registration Window'
  • Click 'Add'

2. Select Role to Set Registration Window

Select the require 'Role', 'Regions', 'Open from' and 'Open until' dates to set registration window for and click save.

Role = The role which the registration window will be set on

Sport = Football, Futsal etc (Optional) *If not selected, it will default to all Sports

Level = Amateur/Professional (Optional) *If not selected, it will default to all Levels

Age Group = Minor/Adult (Optional) *If not selected, it will default to all Age Groups

Gender = Male/Female (Optional) *If not selected, it will default to all Genders

Regions = Select the required region/regions or 'All' regions

Open from = The date when registration will open

Open until = The date when registration will close and no longer be allowed

All fields marked with * are compulsory and must be completed.

To select more than 1 region, hold 'Ctrl' and click on the second, third region, and so on.

The registration window has been added successfully if you see the following message.

Once a record is added, Club/Regional Association (RA)/District Association (DA) users will only be able to register the specific role during the time frame selected. If they were to register before or after the time frame, an error will appear saying that the registration period is closed and will not allow to proceed with the registration.

The following error message "Registration is closed" will display when registration is attempted before or after the time frame of the registration window.

3. View all Scheduled Registration Windows

To view all added registration windows, under 'My Association', select 'Registration Window'

Here, you will see all previously added registration windows and their start 'FROM' / end 'TO' dates. If you need to make changes, you can edit the information by selecting "Edit", or delete the particular registration window by selecting "Delete" accordingly.

You can have more than one Registration Window record at a time for the same role (e.g. One for female players for all levels and one for male professional players.

To view more details of each registration window, select "View Log" and it will display the audit trail of that particular registration window.