This role is meant for Match Officials that are to be appointed to evaluate the refereeing team's performance for each match of a competition. Find within this article a guide for the overall process of applying for the role, setting the role within a competition, and the actual usage a person with this role would be able to carry out.

1. Applying for the role

The user applies for the role of Referee Assessor

Initially, the person taking over this role must apply for it as shown in How to Request and Admin Role

An MA System Admin approves the role

A different user with 'MA System Admin' role will be the one to approve the request.

2. Assigning Referee Assessor role as a required Match Official within a competition

If the competition has not yet been created:

From the 'Create Competition' menu

Part of the steps at the time of creating a new competition is to set up the 'Match Officials' that are required to be appointed for each of the competition's matches (See Item 5. Competition Settings > Match Officials in Create Round Robin Competition and Create Knock Out Competition). When doing this, you will be able to select Referee Assessor as one of the Officials required.

If the competition has already been created:

From 'Edit settings'
Go to the 'Competitions' menu on the left side of the website.  Once there, select the specific competition for which you want to add Referee Assessor as a Match Official requirement. Then go to the 'Settings' tab and click on 'Edit'. 

Scroll down until the 'Match Officials' section and click on 'Add Match Official'. Then select Referee Assessor and click on the check button on the right side. Finally, click on the 'Save' button in the bottom right corner.

3. Allocating Referee Assessor for a specific match

Follow the steps described in How to Allocate Referee to a Match.

4. Which features will be available for the Referee Assessor in the platform 

Once the user with Referee Assessor role logs in to the platform the following functionalities will be visible to them.


Here the Referee Assessor will see a calendar where the matches for which they have been assigned will be visible, including dates, times, teams involved, and possible conflicts.


Here the Referee Assessor will be able to report and submit their personal expenses in relation to each specific match. Find further explanation in Submit match expenses as a referee.


Here the Referee Assessor will be able to see all the matches for which they have been assigned and they will have the possibility to access finished matches and review elements such as match sheets, match data, documents, and officials.

5. How the Referee Assessor will carry out their tasks

As mentioned at the beginning of this article the function of the Referee Assessor is to evaluate the performance of other match officials and the general refereeing throughout the match, this is how they will be able to do that:

Go to 'Appointments', look for the match that you would be assessing and click on the eye icon on the right side

Once you have accessed the match, different information will be displayed for you to review, however, as for actions to be taken by the Referee Assessor go to the 'Match Data' tab and then click on the sub-tab 'Notes'. Two items will be available: Referee Notes and Referee Assessor Notes.

Referee Notes

Here you will be able to review the notes in relation to the match inputted by the main referee, anything they have deemed valuable to report. These notes cannot be edited by the Referee Assesor, they can only be seen.

Referee Assessor Notes

Here is where the Referee Assessor will be evaluating all the Match Officials and the overall performance of the Refereeing Team. This can be done as follows:

  • General: Here is a general assessment of the match, its difficulties, and key remarks.
  • Referee: This refers to the main referee, their overall performance related to specific aspects of their operation. For the Main Referee in specific, the Referee Assessor will be able to review and leave notes for each of the cards imposed during the match. Additionally, a final mark is to be given to the referee's overall performance, this is a numeric qualification that is to be determined according to the standards set by the MA. See the image attached below, the referee Carolina Grajales is to be evaluated, in order to do so click on the 'Edit' on the top right.

Once you have clicked on 'Edit' you will be able to write your notes. Different aspects of the referee's performance can be commented upon. As well as mentioned above, specific comments can be made for each of the imposed cards. Bear in mind that the only mandatory field is the one of the 'Final Mark'.

The 'Final Mark' will be subject to the Referee Assessor's interpretation, but this is to be linked to the 'Assessment Guidelines', which can be predetermined by the platform or customized by the MA. Find in the image below an example.

Once you are done with this particular assessment click on the 'Save' button on the bottom of the right side. 

  • 1st Assistant Referee: Evaluate the performance of the referee in question, although there are fewer aspects upon which to comment. Once again, the only mandatory field is that of the 'Final Mark'.
  • Any other Match Officials (2nd Assistant Referee, Fourth Official, Video Assistant Referee, Reserve Assistant Referee, etc.) that were appointed to the match will be visible and ready to be evaluated just as described for the 1st Assistant Referee in the point above.

6. Retrieving the Referee Assessor's report

Once the Referee Assessor has carried out their evaluation, there is the possibility to retrieve a PDF file containing all the match data and the Referee Assessor's final comments. In order to do this, click on the button 'Get Report' located on the top right corner and then select 'Referee Assessor Report' from the drop-down menu.

A PDF file will be automatically downloaded including all the information described above. Find an example of how this file looks in the image below.

7. Referee Assessor Report template

In cases where is easier for the Referee Assessor to fill in their report by hand, they can simply download a printable template and proceed to add their comments manually.  In order to do this, click on the button 'Get Report' located in the top right corner and then select 'Referee Assessor Report template' from the drop-down menu.