This information is to guide the Member Association on how to allocate a referee to a match within the Competition Management System. This action can be performed by a Competition Manager or a Referee Manager.

1. Edit Allocations

Once a competition, its stage and matches are created, navigate to the Allocations tab.

Under the page, you will be able to see the full list of matches of the competition. To allocate a referee to a match, click on the extension arrow of the match that requires referee allocation.

2. Appoint Referee

Once you are in the predefined list of match officials, start appointing referees by clicking on Appoint.

The predefined list of Match Officials is set up when initially creating the competition or can be edited through the settings tab within the existing competition.


3. Find and Save Referee
Find the required Referee from the members' list by typing its name in the identified field. Then click on save to confirm the referee.

Below is an example of the full list of referee appointments once the above process is completed correctly.