This user guide will explain how to generate the Digital ID Cards/QR code for Team. 

1. Create a Team

In order to generate the Digital ID Cards/QR code for a Team, it is necessary to start the process by creating the team. This can be done following the article Team: Add.

2. Generation of QR Code

  • Log in to the system and search for the Club.
  • Once in the Club, In the left side menu select "My Club" then "List Teams"

  • The teams you have created will be listed and in order to activate the "View QR Code for ID Cards" you must first select the option "Generate ID Cards". Once you click on "Generate ID Cards" you will see a warning pop up: Continue to generate ID Cards? Please note that any web link generated for this team previously will not be accessible anymore.'' Please click on OK if you want to continue with the process. 

  • Once you click on "Generate ID Cards" the system will activate the option "View QR Code for ID Cards". When you select "View QR code for ID Cards" a pop up with the QR code will appear. 

  • The QR code should be scanned with your phone camera which will show the link of a website. Once you open the link you will be able to see on your phone all the ID cards for the specific team you selected. 

  • Once you scan the QR Code and log into the website that appears after scanning, you will be able to see the ID Cards this way: 

3. Important Information

  • Cards can be opened in your browser of preference. 
  • Opening the cards in your preferred browser will allow you to Zoom in or out on cards. 
  • ID Cards can be saved on your phone, but if you select "Generate ID Cards" again you will need to scan the new generated QR Code, otherwise you will find an error message. 
  • The Member Association should contact the Support team if they want the QR Code to be valid for 24 hours, 14 days, 6 months etc). If Code has expired, the above steps need to be repeated in ordere to activate a new QR Code