This information will explain how to add a team at an organisation.

1. Select My Club or My Association (depending on what level you are logged in at)

2. Select 'Add Team'

3. Complete Team Details

All fields marked with an * are compulsory and must be completed.

The values selected for the 'Sports', 'Gender' and 'Earliest DOB' fields filter the selection of players available to be selected for the team. Filters do not apply to the selection of team staff.

Example: Selecting 'Sport = Football', 'Gender = Female', and 'Earliest DOB = 01 January 1990' will limit the selection of players to females that have a football registration in the current season and were born on or after the 1st of January 1990.

4. Select Players

Click the tick boxes of the persons that you want to select as players for this team, then click 'Continue'.

5. Select Staff

Click the tick boxes of the persons that you want to select as staff for this team, then click 'Continue'.

6. Summary

The Summary screen allows you to check that all details entered and persons selected are correct before creating the team. 

If you need to change any information click on the edit link

Make sure you click the edit link relating to the area you want to change, for example the Team Details

7. Create Team

When all information has been checked, click 'Create' to finish adding the team.

8. Team Created

Once the team creation has been completed, the team will be made Active. The team does not need to be approved by another entity.

Once completed you are provided with three options 

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • View all teams
  • Setup another team

By clicking on 'Go to your Dashboard' it will take you back to your Task list

By clicking on 'View all teams' it will take you to a list of all Teams created at your organisation during the current season

By clicking on 'Setup another Team' it will take you back to Step 3 (in this user guide) where you can add another team