This information is to provide Clubs the steps on how to make payments using the Club Wallet.The following user roles will be needed in order to do so:

  1. At Member Association Level - MA Finance Admin
  2. At Regional Association Level - RA Finance Admin
  3. At Club Level - Club Treasurer

To top up your Club Wallet, please contact your Member Association.

1. Paying for items during a new registration

Follow the steps to register for a person until the 'License' stage.

How to register a player can be found here

How to register a coach can be found here

How to register a club official can be found here

How to register a team official can be found here

  • Select the product which you would like to purchase by checking on the respective box/boxes
  • Select 'Pay Using Club Wallet' and click 'Continue'

Items marked with 'Yes' are compulsory and must be paid for the particular registration.

Items with empty boxes are optional. Click on the box to add item to payment.

'Pay Later' is not enabled by default. It can only be requested by Member Associations if required.

If you select 'Pay Later', an invoice will be created for you to pay at a later time.

2. Review registration summary

Before submitting to your member association, check your registration information and total amount for payment under the 'Payment Options' section. If everything is correct, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Submit to Member Association'.

A confirmation will pop up saying 'Registration has been submitted for approval'.

The payment amount will be automatically deducted from your Club Wallet balance.

You will be notified when your Member Association approves/rejects the registration.

All payment amounts will automatically be refunded to your Club Wallet balance if the registration is rejected by your Member Association.

3. View History of Previous Transactions

To view the history of previous transactions, click on your Club Wallet balance.


Created by = Email of person who made the transaction

Type = Debit (Payment made), Credit (Top up by MA)

Receipt number = Optional field

Credit note = Optional field

Paid for invoice = Invoice number

Date = Date and time of transaction

Amount = Amount of transaction

Document = Supporting document for top up (i.e. receipts, written agreements etc)