This information is to provide Member Associations the steps on how to top up the Club Wallet for Clubs. The user role 'MA Finance Admin' will be needed in order to do so.

MA users may drill down to Club level to make payments on behalf of Clubs (if required) 

Steps on how Clubs can pay with the Club Wallet for new registration can be found here.

Steps on how Clubs can pay with the Club Wallet using invoice number can be found here.

1. Select Club to Top Up Club Wallet

MA level users will first have to select the Club they want to top up the Club Wallet for.

  • Select 'Payments'
  • Select 'Club Wallet'
  • Search for the Club name and select the Club from the drop-down list
  • Click 'Continue'

2. Enter Amount to Top Up

Key in the amount to top up, enter the necessary information and upload the necessary supporting document. Click 'Save'.

Amount = The amount to be topped up

Receipt Number = Optional

Credit Note = Optional

Supporting Document = i.e. receipts, written agreements etc.

To deduct an amount, simply add a negative sign on the amount to be deducted (i.e. -500)

Click 'OK' to proceed.

Amount has been topped up into the 'Current Balance' of the Club Wallet.

3. View History of Previous TransactionsHistorical records can be viewed by clicking on the Club Wallet balance for information on top ups (credit) and payments made (debit) etc.


Created by = Email of person who made the transaction

Type = Debit (Payment made), Credit (Top up)

Receipt number = Optional field

Credit note = Optional field

Paid for invoice = Invoice number

Date = Date and time of transaction

Amount = Amount of transaction

Document = Supporting document for top up (i.e. receipts, written agreements etc)