This information is to provide Clubs the steps on how to make payments using the Club Wallet.The following user roles will be needed in order to do so:

  1. At Member Association Level - MA Finance Admin
  2. At Regional Association Level - RA Finance Admin
  3. At Club Level - Club Treasurer

To top up your Club Wallet, please contact your Member Association.

1. Paying using a single invoice If you have a single invoice number to pay with, select 'Pay Invoice'. If you have multiple invoice numbers to pay with, skip to Step 2.

Enter your invoice number and click 'Continue'.

Select the box of the invoice that you are paying for.

Select Payment Type as 'Club Wallet' and click 'Submit Manual Payment'.

2. Paying for multiple invoices If you have more than one invoice number to pay with, select 'Invoices'.

Select any relevant filters from the drop-down lists as required. If you do not have any information, proceed to click 'Submit' to show all invoices of the Club.

Select the boxes of the invoices you wish to pay. You may select more than one.

Select Payment Type as 'Club Wallet' and click 'Submit Manual Payment'.

Review your items and click 'Confirm Payment' to pay or 'Cancel Payment' if you would like to make changes.

Your payment is successful when you see the following message.

3. View History Of Previous Transactions To view the history of previous transactions, click on your Club Wallet balance.


Created by = Email of person who made the transaction

Type = Debit (Payment made), Credit (Top up by MA)

Receipt number = Optional field

Credit note = Optional field

Paid for invoice = Invoice number

Date = Date and time of transaction

Amount = Amount of transaction

Document = Supporting document for top up (i.e. receipts, written agreements etc)