This information is for Member Associations to explain how to register a player that has been previously transferred out of the country.

This type of registration is only for Players that have already transferred to another Country, and do not have any registrations recorded in Connect.

1. International Transfer Holding Club

Drill down to the club called 'International Transfers Holding Club'. Every Member Association will have this club directly under the MA level. This club is used to allocate players that have transferred out of the country. It is also used for when players return.

It is recommended that the 'International Transfers Holding Club' has Email Notifications turned on. It is also recommended that the email address be either the same as the MA level or of an MA staff member or team that is responsible for International Transfer In and International Transfer Returning.

2. Select 'People'

3. Select 'Add Former Player (Transferred Out)'

4. Personal Details & Date Transferred Out

Complete Personal Details, Date Transferred Out and click 'Continue'.

All fields marked with * are compulsory and must be completed.

5. Contact Details

Complete Contact Details and click 'Continue'.

6. Registration

Complete Registration Details and the Continue Button will appear. Click 'Continue'.

7. Documents

Upload any documents if required and click "Continue'. If no documents are required, proceed to click 'Continue'.

8. Summary

Review all the information on the the Summary step, then click 'Mark as Transferred Out' to finalise the Transfer Out process.

The submission of Transferred Out process is automatically approved.

The Transferred Out player is now listed on the 'International Transfers Holding Club' People List.