This article is to provide the necessary information for users of the system to correctly set a match Status.

1. Match Status and User Role

In FCMS the status of a match can only be changed by specific users.

The Match Commissioner and the Referee role can only  change the Status of a match form "Scheduled" to "Complete". The Competition Manager can however can set all possible status for a Match. 

Additionally the Competition Manager can revert or change the status of match after it was originally set. For more information about reverting a match Status please refer to: Revert Match Status to Scheduled

2. How to change a match Status

To change a match Status you need to access the desired match, either via the left Menu, clicking on "Matches" or via an exiting Competition with scheduled phase:


Once on the desired match click on the Status drop down Menu and select the Match Status:

You will only be able to select the "Complete" Status once the Match Events have been entered. For more information about match data entry please refer to How to Enter Results and Statistics.

3.Different Status

Regular Status:

  • Scheduled: The match is set to played and yet to commence.
  • Completed: The match is complete, match events have been entered and the match officially finalized.

Extraordinary Status:

  • Forfeit: The match cannot be played due to at least one of the competitors not being able or not willing to play.
  • Canceled: The match has been canceled and will not be played.
  • Postponed: The match hasn't started and will be played at a later date or the match has started but has been abandoned and will be played at a later date 
  • Abandoned: The match has started but did not finish, and may need to be replayed or not. (according to regulations)