This information is for Competition Club Administrators, which provides a guide to enter Match Statistics for a Match. 

1. Matches

From the Competitions menu, select Matches

2. Select fixture to enter results

Within Matches, you will be able to filter in order to find the fixtures quicker 

  • Competition 
  • Match 
  • Team 
  • Venue

3. View the Match
Choose the match by Selecting on View. 

4. Match Data
After entering the match, you need to click on Match Data. Here, you'll see the icon below that says Enter Data to select.

5. Enter Data
Here, you can either indicate that there were No events during the match or Create Match Event by clicking on each option, and then Create.

This table contains the information that each event has:

Match events

Create events by clicking on these four options:
  • Goal
  • Substitution
  • Card
  • Penalty

Goal event

This event has three options:

  • Type: Here, one can select if the goal-scored was an own goal or a normal one.

  • Time: Here, one can indicate the Normal time when the goal was scored - for example 12th minute of match
  • Stoppage Time which means, for instance, that the goal was scored in the 3rd minute of injury/stoppage time in first half. Therefore the 'Normal time' would be 45 and for stoppage time it would be 3 (45+3)

  • Scorer: Here, simply indicate who scored the goal.

Substitution event

This event has three options:

  • Match Phase: Here, in Match time one can tell the time when the substitution occurred, and next to there is an Extra time section where it is possible to tell if the substitution occurred in extra time, for example, at 45' min, and 3' min in Extra Time.

  • IN: Here, select the player that will go in the field.

  • OUT: Here, select the player that will go out of the field.

Draggable event

This event has four options:
  • Type: Here, one can indicate whether the card was yellow, red, or if it was a second yellow card.
  • Match Phase: Here, one can indicate when the card was given, (During the match, Before the match, Between halves, After the match, or During the penalty shoot-out). Also, it is possible to indicate if the situation happened during the extra time.
  • Offender: Here, one can select whether the offender was a player or an official.
  • Details: Here, it is possible to be more specific on what happened in the action, select the option that bests suits the situation, also, add more comments if necessary.

Penalty event

This event has three options:
  • Outcome: Here, one can select if the penalty shoot was missed or scored.
  • Time: Here, in Normal time indicate the time when the action happened and in Stoppage time how long the celebration lasted or any other incident.
  • Shooter: Choose the player that will take care of the penalty.

7. Match Statistics

When all the match statistics are entered, you need to click on Submit. Once done, you will then be able to see the Statistics of the match.  There is still an opportunity to modify match statistics after the match has completed, this may be necessary if a mistake was made or match event missed.

You will recognize these editable statistics by clicking on the drop-down arrow, you'll instantly see the Edit icon.

7. Change Status
Once you have checked that the Statistics are accurate, you need to click on Change Status and switch it to Completed.

 Only mark the match as Completed when you are certain that all match statistics are correct

8. Download the Match Report

Once the match status has been changed to "Completed" you will then be able to download by clicking on "GET REOPORT"