This information is to provide Member Associations an overview of the processes and options for De-Registration (Cancelling an Active Registration).

De-Registration Configuration Options

There are 2 configuration options available to your Association for how De-Registrations are processed in your version of Connect:

  1. De-Registrations can only be submitted by MA Level users [Default]; or,
  2. De-Registrations can be submitted by other users for approval by the MA.

Advanced configuration settings, such as required documents or approvals by different organisational levels, are not available for De-Registration.

Contact the FCP Support Team (by logging a Freshdesk ticket) to change between these configuration options.

Submitting De-Registrations

The MA Level user is able to submit a De-Registration of any Active registered person.

1. Drill down to the correct organisation

For registrations at lower organisational level, you will need to first drill down to the organisation where the person is registered.

e.g. If you need to De-Register a Player then, as an MA user, you need to drill down to the Club where the Player is registered first.

2. Continue with De-Registration process

Follow the same process as is detailed in the guide for Clubs:
De-Registration (Cancelling an Active Registration)

Approving De-Registrations

De-Registrations that are awaiting approval will be included in the work task list at the MA Dashboard.

The MA user can edit the details of the De-Registration, and Approve or Reject the De-Registration.

Once Approved, the 'Valid To' date of the registration will be changed to the selected 'Date Applicable'; the status of the registration will also change to Passive.

Please do not edit a De-Registered registration to be Active again once complete.

If a De-Registration is approved by mistake or there is a change of mind and the person needs to be re-registered, then that should be processed as a new Renewal, Transfer or Add Role registration.