This information is to provide Member Association with an Overview of Rollover


Rollover general information:

In FIFA Connect, all registrations are valid for the duration a designated 12-month period.


This designated 12-month period is referred to as your "National Registration Period", and can be configured by the Support Team to best suit your Association.


Any Registration Windows or Competition dates for each season should fit within the National Registration Period.


a) Your competitions normally run from March until October: Your National Registration Period could be from January to December.



b) Your competitions normally run from August until the following May: Your National Registration Period could be from July until the following June.



Every year, at the conclusion of your National Registration Period, the Support Team will perform "Rollover".



Rollover Stages:

Rollover consists of two stages:

  1. Your next National Registration Period will be made available, allowing registrations to be submitted for the next season; and,
  2. All 'Active' registrations for the current ending National Registration Period are changed to 'Passive'.


The two stages commonly occur on the same date on the evening of the final day of the National Registration Period.




The new National Registration Period

  • Passive registrations need to be Renewed, so that they can become ‘Active’ again. This helps your Association track your participants each season.
  • For any Loans that continue in the next National Registration Period, the borrowing club must submit a new Loan Request. For detailed information related to Loans, please refer to the Loans Overview.
  • If applicable, Teams can be recreated with persons that are made ‘Active’



Rollover Process:

The Support Team will initiate contact with your Association a few months before the conclusion of each National Registration Period to arrange for Rollover.


You have the opportunity to discuss your Association's specific Rollover requirements. This could include:

  • Whether there is any need to shorten or extend your current National Registration Period; or
  • Whether the start and end dates for the next National Registration Period should be adjusted.


This is also the ideal time to raise any platform configuration changes needed by your Association, including:

  • Changes to documents or approval workflows;
  • Changes to ID Cards; or
  • Moving Clubs between Regions.



Registration History Example:

Here is an example a registration that was renewed in every National Registration Periods for three National Registration Periods.