This information is for Member Associations to explain how to process a player that has transfered out of the country.

1. International Transfer Holding Club

Drill down to the club called 'International Transfers Holding Club'. Every Member Association will have this club directly under the MA level. This club is used to allocate players that have transfered out of the country. It is also used for when players return.

It is recommended that the 'International Transfers Holding Club' has Email Notifications turned on. It is also recommended that the email address be either the same as the MA level or of an MA staff member or team that is responsible for International Transfer In and International Transfer Returning.

2. Select 'People'

3. Select 'Request or start a transfer'

Click 'Transfer Out'

4. Search

To search for a person you can enter one of either in the Search Box

  • First and/or Family Name of Player
  • ID of the Player

You can perform a part search of a name by typing in the first three letters of the name followed by * e.g. smi* to find all names with smi in it (e.g Smith).

Only players who are active or passive will appear in search.

5. Select Player

To initiate transfer, click on 'Select' for the player you wish to transfer out.

6. Select Sport

Click on the Sport (Football or Futsal). This is required as a transfer can be for Football or Futsal. Then click on 'Send Request'.

7. Submit Transfer Request Note

A pop up text box will appear where you are required to submit the reason for the transfer request. The club will not see this Request Transfer Note.

This request is automatically approved. A Transfer Out Work Task will appear immediately on the Work Task List of the 'International Transfers Holding Club'.

8. Work Task List
Return to Work Task list at the 'International Transfers Holding Club'.

9. Continue with Transfer

Continue with the Transfer as a standard approved Domestic Transfer Request. For information related to continuing with an accepted transfer request, please follow Transfer: Continuing with an Accepted Request.

Documents and Products/License can be configured for International Transfer Out if requested.

10. Summary
Review all the information on the the Summary step, then click 'Mark as Transferred Out' to finalise the Transfer Out process.

The submission of Transferred Out process is automatically approved.

The Transferred Out player is now listed on the 'International Transfers Holding Club' People List.