This information will explain how to initiate a Domestic Transfer or an International Transfer Return of a player (of a particular Sport type) to your Club.

For information about an International Transfer In of a player, please follow the International Transfer: New Registration (with ITC) user guide.

1. Select People

2. Select 'Request or Start a Transfer'

A transfer is performed when a Club wants to register a player who was last registered to another Club

3. Transfer Details

Select Transfer Type before searching for the person you wish to transfer.

Transfer Types:

  • Domestic - for players that are currently (or previously) registered at another club within the country.
  • International Transfer In - for players transferring to the country for the first time.
  • International Transfer Return - for players returning to the country (after having been transfered to another country).

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4. Enter name or Member ID:

To search for a person you can enter one of either in the Search Box

  • First and/or Family Name of Player
  • ID of the Player

You can perform a part search of a name by typing in the first three letters of the name followed by * e.g. smi* to find all names with smi in it (e.g Smith)

Only players who are active or passive will appear in search

5. Select Player to Initiate Transfer
To initiate transfer, click on 'Select' for the Member you wish to request transfer to your Club

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6. Select Club

Select the Club that the player transfer request needs to be sent to and click on the Sport (Football or Futsal); this is required as a transfer can be for Football or Futsal.

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7. Select the Player's Level at your Club

Select the Level (Amateur, Amateur Under Contract or Professional) that the Player will be at your Club when the transfer is complete, then click on 'Send Request'

8. Transfer Summary

As you proceed through the Transfer Request, the Transfer Summary can be viewed on the right of your screen

9. Submit Transfer Request Note

A pop up text box will appear where you are required to submit the reason for the transfer request. For Domestic Transfers this comment will be sent to the Club that the player is currently registered to. For International Transfer Return, this comment will be sent to the national association.

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Cannot proceed without a Request Transfer note entered

10. Transfer Request Submitted

The request has now been submitted to the Club who the player is currently registered to and awaiting their approval

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The existing clubs will now review your request, then accept or reject the transfer of the player.