This information is to guide Member Associations to submit a Change Request. A Change Request is for Member Associations that are using the Live environment of FIFA Connect, and wish to either make a Configuration Change or request new functionality.

Before submitting a New Functionality Change Request, ascertain the need of the request and for what purpose the request is required.

All Change Requests are reviewed for approval by FIFA prior to any work being commenced on it in the system.

Where possible, Member Associations are encouraged to submit any Change Request as far ahead of time as possible to ensure any review, development, and testing can be performed in the required timeframe.

Please ensure that each Change Request is:
- Exclusive; that is, there are not multiple changes requested in one single submission; and,
- Comprehensive; that is, you have fully considered the future requirements of the component for which the change is being requested, so that no further changes to it are required for the current season.

1. Complete Form

Complete the Change Request form. The form is attached to this guide (below) or alternatively, click Change Request Form. The form is currently only in Microsoft Excel format. Please complete the questions by adding information in the green cells.

The more information that is included on the Change Request form, the higher the probability the request will be reviewed in a shorter time-frame.

2. Create Ticket

To create a new ticket select ‘New’


3) Add Requester

The Requester would be yourself, so type in your email address

4) Add Subject

Subject would be the issue ‘e.g. Document Missing for Professional Player’

5) Select Type

Select 'Change Request' for Type

6) Status

Make sure the Status = Open

7) Select the FCP Support Group

8) Priority

When submitting a Change Request, selecting Priority is not mandatory, however if you are to make a selection, please follow this guide.

Priority LevelDescriptionExamples
LowSmall service degradation (business process can continue, few user affected)
MediumLimited degradation of service (limited number of users or functions affected, business process can continue)
  • Issue is visible to the end user and operations are affected
  • Usability issue, which can be corrected with a reasonable workaround
  • A non-critical functionality is unable to complete but is not affecting other functionality
HighSignificant degradation of service (large number of users or business critical functions affected)
  • Production site has been impacted; however, limited production can continue
  • Usability issue, which cannot be corrected with a workaround or the workaround significantly impairs their ability to complete their work
  • A non-critical functionality is unable to complete but affecting other functionality
UrgentService not available (all users and functions unavailable)
  • Production site is down and unable to recover
  • Loss/corruption of data has occurred
  • Data is unavailable to users
  • Failure of critical function(s) prevents production transactions from completing
  • Security is compromised
  • An action results in a system crash and the user is unable to continue

High and Urgent priority level would not be applicable to a Change Request, because they are reserved for system errors that result in significant degradation of service or the system not being available at all.

9) Description

  • Please clearly explain the Change Request submitted 
  • Where helpful, please include screenshots within the email


10) Attachment Form

Attached the Change Request form, and other applicable attachment if any

11) Save

Click 'Save' to submit

The FCP Support Team will forward your submission to FIFA for review. You will be advised the outcome of FIFA's review once complete and, if approved, will receive progress updates on the development of the change.

Please be aware that all development work on the system is scheduled several weeks ahead of time, so the immediate development of an approved change request is not possible in nearly all cases.