A release of the FIFA Connect Platform occurred on Monday, 12th of December 2022 at 06:30 (UTC). No downtime was expected during the maintenance.

The release contains the following bug fixes/developments: 

  • FCP-5424 - FIN: Work Task not accessible [FD: #684596]
  • FCP-5425 - FIN: Can not locate payment [FD: #684409]
  • FCP-5423 - FIN: Auto-approval issue [FD: #684404]
  • FCP-5421 - MAR: Cannot print ID card [FD: #684042]
  • FCP-5419 - MAR: Prod environment extremely [FD: # 683278]
  • FCP-5407 - GHA: Teams not reflected in a team list when switching to French Language [FD: #N/A]
  • FCP-5408 - PAK: Club reporting provides Error message when being generated [FD: #N/A]