This guide will show you how to Manage the Standings Settings in a Round Robin competition in the Football Competition Management Platform.

1. Select the competition

From the Competitions menu, select the competition you are creating the Standings Adjustment for and click on VIEW.

2. Select the correct Stage in the competition

Once you are located in the competition at the correct stage, use the arrow on the right to display the settings options.

3. Select STANDINGS Option.

Once the correct stage is selected, click on STANDINGS to display the Standings Table, which will allow you to create or modify the Standings rules from the SETTINGS button.

In case of needing to make manual Standings Adjustments please follow the suggested solution How to create Standings Adjustments

Creating the Standings Rules.

Select the SETTINGS button on the right side of your screen as it is shown in the pictures above. From there, the following 3 options for Standing rules will display:


In this section, in case the Stage is a Round Robin, FCMS will allow changing as per the league rules, Points per win, Points per draw, and Points per loss.

Notice the Standings Settings by default are given by the system, where Points per win are 3, Points per draw is 1, and Points per loss 0, as per the FIFA's current points allocation system.


This section will display the columns available for creating the Standings stats table. 

As per the league needs, there are multiple options that can be selected and accommodated in the order of preference by clicking on the arrows. 

In case of needing the Table's preview select VIEW TABLE.


This section will present the position ranking options available, also the order of the applied tie-breaker that you can modify by using the arrows, and if those Tie breakers are being shown either by ascending or descending order.

After going through all three steps, please click on Save.