This guide will show you how to create manual Standings Adjustments in a Round Robin competition in the Football Competition Management Platform. 

1. Select the competition 

After clicking on the Competitions option on the left-hand side, select the competition where the standings Adjustments will be created.

2. Select the current Stage

When being on the right stage in the competition under the STANDINGS tab, the current standings table will display. 

The Blue Pen showing for each team in the Standings Table will allow opening the Standings Adjustment window. This feature will be useful anytime it is required to make a modification, correction, or stipulate a sanction by the league which will result in adding or deducting points for one or multiple teams.

Standing Adjustments cannot be deleted they can however be negated by processing and reversal adjustment. Example to remove minus 3 points, add 3 points back.

3. Select the team by clicking on the Blue Pen 

This action will pop up the window named Standings Adjustment, which will require filling the number of points added or deducted for any team in the competition and the reason why this adjustment is being made.

When the procedure is set, please click on save.