This information is for MA Competition Managers that need to manually revert the Status of a Completed Match back to Scheduled. 

This process would be required in instances where mistakes have been entered for the Match Sheets or Match Data that need to be corrected. 

1. View Matches

From the Competitions menu, select Matches

Alternatively, access the specific competition and stage, then select Matches

2. View the Completed Match

Press on the "eye" icon for the Completed match that needs to be adjusted. 

3. Adjust Match Status

Click on the arrow next to the Match Status, then select 'Scheduled' from the drop-down list.

You will not be able to revert a Match back to 'Scheduled' if there are subsequent Matches for either Team that are 'Completed'. Those Matches need to be reverted to 'Scheduled' first.

When attempting to revert the status of a completed match to "Scheduled," you may encounter a situation where the option to change the status is disabled or "greyed out." This means that the system does not currently allow the match to be reverted to the "Scheduled" status.

For example you want to edit match No 18

See screenshot below

You will need to locate the most recently completed match within the Competition 

How to Locate the most recently completed match within the Competition

Step 1: Sort the matches by date,time

The most recent match marked as completed in this example is Match No23.

To proceed, access the details of this match and adjust the match status from "Completed" to "Scheduled.

4. Enter a reason for reverting the Match Status

Describe the reason for changing the Match Status back to 'Scheduled', and then click Change.

Step 2: Repeat the process

Continuing with the procedure, repeat the same process for the subsequent matches in descending order based on their dates. In this example, you would address Match No19 and then Match No 18.

Match No 18 is now accessible for modifications.

After completing the process of reverting the match status for all previous matches,  focus on Match No 18. Make any necessary adjustments or modifications to this match as required.

5. Make required corrections to the Match Data

The match data may now be edited again.

 After making the required changes to Match No 18, mark it as Completed.

Proceed to mark all matches back to Completed, starting from Match No 18 and moving in ascending chronological order until you reach the latest completed match.

For steps on how to enter match data, please access the How to Enter Results and Statistics user guide.