This user guide will explain how to Renew members in bulk when logged in at Club level. Renewal is the process that must be completed each season for the Club to re-register their members.

Renewals can also be performed individually by the Club; please refer to the user guides on Renewal for more information on this process. This also gives the Club the opportunity to update Player details, replace documents, and change the level of registration (Amateur to Professional, for example) before submitting the registration for approval.

Bulk Renewal can only be used to renew registrations that do not require any new documents on submission.

For example, if Professional Players are required to upload a new copy of their Contract on submission of their renewal, then they must be renewed individually rather than in bulk.

If you will not proceed to complete the entire Bulk Renewal process at any stage in the below instructions, then you should select Cancel to abort the process. Otherwise, other users may be prevented from performing Bulk Renewals at your Club.

1. Navigate to Bulk Renewals

At Club Level, from the menu navigate to People and select Bulk Renewals

Bulk Renewal is not used by all National Associations. If the 'Bulk Renewal' menu item is not listed, then this feature is not available in your Country.

The National Association can contact the system supplier to discuss having this feature enabled.

2. Select the type of Registrations that you need to Renew

Once you have made selections, select Continue to proceed.

The options selected in this step will filter who is displayed for selection in the next step.

3. Select which registrations to Renew

Registrations can be selected by ticking the checkbox on the left of the table.

You can select all of the people displayed on the screen by clicking Check All at the top of the table. 

4. The system will prepare the selected registrations

A loading bar will indicate progress in preparing the registrations for renewal. Once it is complete, select Continue to proceed.

The length of time this process will take depends on how many registrations you have selected to renew; it will take longer to prepare more registrations. 

5. Select Licenses/Products (if applicable)

The Licence may be selected automatically, with optional add-on items also available for selection. Select Continue to proceed once done.

If license fees are not required for your registration, this step will be skipped automatically.


6. Review and Submit

Review the details of the selected registrations in the table displayed to ensure that all information is correct.

Once you are satisfied that everything is correct, select Submit to submit the registrations for approval.

7. The system will process and submit the selected registrations

A loading bar will indicate progress in processing the renewals.

Closing the window or logging out of the platform will not interrupt this process.

This process takes approximately 3-5 minutes per 100 registrations, though may function more slowly if there are other concurrent processes (such as large reports or Bulk Renewals at other clubs) running at the same time.

It will not be possible to commence a new Bulk Renewal at this Club until the current Bulk Renewal being processed is complete.

Note: Bulk Renewals in progress by another user

If you open Bulk Renewal at a Club where a Bulk Renewal has already been commenced by another user, you will need to wait until they are finished or the Bulk Renewal is Cancelled.

It is possible for you to cancel a Bulk Renewal commenced by another user.

Only select Cancel if you are certain that the other user has abandoned, or is otherwise unable to complete, the process.