This information is to guide clubs on how to add a new venue.

Based on Configuration, Venues may be added to any Organisation (Clubs, Regions, Member Association)

Venues should only be added once to avoid duplication

1. Select .Venue., them  'Add Venue'

2. Venue Information

Fill out all Venue Information, then click on Continue.

3. Contact Details

Fill out all Contact Details Information, then click on Continue.

4. Number of Fields

Enter the number of fields at the venue

5. Field Details

Enter the details of each field at the venue

For Member Associations using the Competition Management System, create a separate venue for each field, instead of adding all the fields to one venue. This will enable fixtures to be assigned to specific fields.

6. Documents

Upload any required documents by clicking on "Click here to Upload File", then click on Continue.

7. Summary

The Summary screen allows you to check that all details entered are correct before submitting the Venue registration, please ensure you check all the information

8. Submit Registration

When all information has been checked, click on Submit to Member Association where registration will then be reviewed.

9. Registration Submitted

Once the registration is complete the Venue will be marked as pending and awaiting approval.