This information is to guide Member Associations on how to edit the Status of a club.

This function can only be completed by an MA Admin User

Most common purposes of changing the statuses of clubs, is to indicate if clubs are; Inactive, De-registered, or Suspended.

1. Navigate (drill down) to the relevant club

2. On the Club Menu select My Club

3. For the Club Details, click 'Edit'

5. Select new status

Select either: Inactive, De-registered, Suspended

DO NOT Select: In Progress, Pending, Rejected, On Hold.

These statuses are automatically used and update by the platform, used when club are added for review.

Clubs that are not 'Active' are not able to commence new registrations or renewals or requests, however may continue with existing Work Tasks on the Dashboard. Therefore you should ensure all Pending and Accepted requests are cleared. It's also recommended to remove all Admin Users from clubs that are: Inactive, De-registered, or Suspended.

6. Click 'Save'