This article is to provide the necessary steps to the Member Associations in How to Manually Create a Fixture in the Competition Management.

Before moving forward into creating a Fixture, you first need to make sure that the competition of the fixture you want to add, is already created. If you haven't created a competition, you can click on the following links that will provide you with the steps on how to create a competition.

Here are the types of competitions you can create:

Round Robin: Here

Knock Out: Here

Group: Here 

1. Open the Competition you want to add the Fixture

To select the Competition, select 'eye icon' for the required Competition

2. Select the Stage in which you want to add the Fixture

Now that you have selected the Competition, select the Stage you want to add the Fixture.

3. Add the fixture in the "Matches" Tab

After selecting the Stage, scroll down and click on the "Matches" tab and then click on "Fixture" and "Create custom"

Please note that you can create a fixture only when the stage status is "Draft"

4. Fill in the required information to create the Fixture

A new window will open to add the details of the Fixture:

  • Match Details: Match No., Round, Match Day.
  • Date and time
  • Teams: Home Team, Away Team.
  • Location: Venue

After filling out the details of the Fixture, click on "Save"

5. Repeat Process

To complete the fixture please continue repeating Steps 3, 4 and Steps 5 to complete the full fixture