A release of the FIFA Connect Platform occurred on Monday, 15th April 2019 at 9:20 (UTC). No downtime was expected during the maintenance.

The release contains the following bug fixes/development:

  • FCP-3978: Audit Trail Old and New Value
  • FCP-2590: Reporting Filtering not visible [FD: 35412]
  • FCP-3987: Translations via Weblate
  • FCP-2950: Print batch filters modify multi-role ID cards [FD: 37168]
  • FCP-3825: AZE: Registration Originator does not receive email notification [FD: 213872]
  • FCP-3067: National Periods – Sport
  • FCP-4028: Duplicate Records Reporting
  • FCP-4076: PAN: DOB is one day behind when doing a Person Search [FD: 410560]
  • FCP-4082: Connect ID SKD: update