This information is to provide Member Associations with an understanding of the function and benefits of the FIFA ID service.

Connect is integrated with the FIFA ID service.

Member Identification

When a person is registered in Connect as a Player, Coach, Referee or Official, they are assigned a unique global FIFA ID Number. This is separate to the MA ID Number, which is only unique within that Member Association.

The same FIFA ID Number is to be used for that individual for all of their registered activity for Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer, even if they are subsequently or have previously been registered within another Member Association.

Identifying data sent to the service are hashed (made anonymous) for the privacy of those individuals.

Duplicate Detection

The FIFA ID service detects duplicates based on the sameness or similarities of key identifying details such as name, date of birth and nationality.

It is able to recognize name variations or common nicknames (e.g. James and Jim), or if the date of birth has had the day/month switched in error.

When a potential duplicate is detected by the system, it will flag the registration approval work task for the MA as 'Duplicate Resolution Required'.

For an explanation of Duplicate Resolution, please refer to

International Identity

The FIFA ID helps to track the movement of persons, even if they are registered in different Member Associations over time. Although those records may be assigned different ID Numbers locally in each MA's respective databases, those records will be assigned the same FIFA ID if they are identified as the same person.

It is important to ensure that Duplicate Resolution is always resolved correctly, and that International Transfer processes are strictly followed, so that the FIFA ID for all persons can be consistent across all Member Associations.

For an explanation of International Transfer processes, please refer to


Persons that are registered to the 'Recreational Football' sport only, or minors under the age of 10, are not assigned a FIFA ID