This information is to provide Member Associations with guidance on how to proceed with a work task that is flagged as 'Duplicate Resolution Required'.

1. Registration flagged as potential duplicate

From time to time, registration approval work tasks for the MA will have the status 'Duplicate Resolution Required'. This indicates that the FIFA ID service has detected potential duplicate person(s) in the registration system of another MA.

2. Open the work task at MA Level

Opening the approval work task for a registration marked as such will include an additional tab ('FIFA ID') to review.

If the 'View and Compare' button is not available for a potential duplicate, it means that the registration system of the other Country is not sending the required data to Connect. Your Association should contact the other Association directly to clarify whether the person is the same in this instance.

3. Compare details of the identified person(s)

The user is able to compare the details of the persons flagged as duplicates by selecting 'View and Compare'; the details of the registration being reviewed is displayed on the left, the existing registration identified as being potentially the same person is displayed on the right.

In some cases, you may also need to liaise with the other MA directly to determine whether these are genuinely the same person.

4. Select whether they are a duplicate

The user must select one of the options before they are able to complete actioning the work task:

  • If you determine that they are actually separate persons, then select Not A Duplicate; they will be assign a new unique FIFA ID and each person will be treated separate individuals.
  • If they are the same person, then you should select This Is A Duplicate for that person and proceed to accept their registration; they will be assigned the same FIFA ID as the record in the other MA's database. However, the details entered in your database for that person will be retained, and the other MA will retain their own separate data.

There are some instances where a flagged duplicate will indicate that the incorrect registration method has been used for a player. For example, a duplicate that is submitted as a new player registration should instead be registered as an 'International Transfer: New Registration (with ITC)' instead of as a 'New Player'. The correct thing to do in this instance would be to reject the New Player registration, and complete the International Transfer In for him instead (which will also allow you to attach the ITC for your records).

Please note also that, depending on the registration scenario for an individual player, you may need for the other MA to perform a Transfer Out of the person before you are able to approve their registration. If this is the case, the system will notify you when attempting to accept the registration of a person that is a duplicate.

In instances where you have initiated an International Transfer In/Return, but it is blocked because the other MA has not processed a Transfer Out, you are able to Force the registration. This is intended as a last resort only. It is your Member Association's responsibility to ensure that all compliance matters relating to the Transfer, including receiving an ITC or Provisional ITC for the Player, are completed before forcing the system to complete the transfer.