A release of the FIFA Connect Platform occurred on Monday, 21st January 2019 at 11:00 (UTC). No downtime was expected during the maintenance.

The release contains the following bug fixes/development:

  • FCP-3669: Flow: code optimisation
  • FCP-3908: Contract step in Add Role flow when Contract Management enabled
  • FCP-3763: Alternative Display Format for Player Passport when Printing or Exporting as PDF
  • FCP-3767: Adding historical records to the Player Passport
  • FCP-3775: Cancelling Loans On/Before Rollover
  • FCP-3909: Text "(already in cart)"
  • FCP-3933: FIN: Automated CSV update Registration Period [FD: 224066 (2/2)]
  • FCP-3847: HKG: ID HKFA017478M on HKG-PROD [FD: 221055]
  • FCP-3883: Add Product Flow via Self Reg - Product Validation [227179 (3/3)]
  • FCP-3882: Add Product Flow via Self Reg - First Step [FD: 227179 (2/3)]
  • FCP-3865: Add Role defaults to Players [FD: 223642, 234359]