This guide explains how an MA user can add the playing registration history of a person - that may pre-date the MA's use of the Connect registration platform - to their Player Passport in Connect

1. Navigate to the Person and select 'Player Passport'

Drill down to the profile of the Person and select 'Player Passport' from the menu

2. Select 'Refresh Passport'

This ensures the information displayed accounts for any recent registration activity or data adjustments; after the page a refreshed the details should be reviewed to ensure any records added to the Passport do not overlap with records already on the Passport.

3. Select 'Add Record'

4. Enter details

Enter the details of the registration; all fields must be completed in order to proceed.

The dates selected for the registration cannot overlap the time period for any other entry on the Player Passport, not be for a period of time in the future, nor prior to the Player turning 12 (i.e. the earliest possible record for a passport must have the player's 12th birthday fall within the Start/End date range)

5. Select 'Save'

6. Review the Passport

Check that the details of the registration were entered correctly and whether further records need to be added to the Passport.

Records that have been manually added to the Passport can be edited in order to adjust or delete them, and are displayed on the Passport in italics.

Records on the Passport that are generated from registrations in Connect cannot be edited and are not italicized.