A release of the FIFA Connect Platform occurred on Monday, October 15th at 13:30 (UTC). No downtime was expected during the maintenance.

The release contains the following bug fixes/development:

  • FCP-3694: CAM: Display International Name on Registration Summary screen
  • FCP-3562: As a potential Club Admin I want to be able to apply for Admin roles for a club which is currently inactive [#137279]
  • FCP-3680: Uploading an MA Logo
  • FCP-3726: MYA: no password reset link in gmail
  • FCP-3681: Upload ID Card Backgrounds
  • FCP-3707: New Spanish PO Translation File
  • FCP-3722: PUR: Loan Script Prod
  • FCP-3725: Sub-Role displayed incorrectly for List Persons
  • FCP-2934: As a user I want to report on the Organisation ID and Organisation FIFA ID in Advanced Reporting [FD: 21227]
  • FCP-3730: URL: Insecure URL of TEST and UAT environments
  • FCP-3731: Alignment of Dashboard Task List
  • FCP-3640: FIN: performance issue