A release of the FIFA Connect Platform occurred on Tuesday, September 4th at 11:00 (UTC). No downtime was expected during the maintenance.

The release contains the following bug fixes/development:

  • FCP-3554: As the Support Team, I want to be able to leave 'Date To' blank when completing rollover
  • FCP-3629: AZE: Additional Team Types [FD:120978]
  • FCP-3617: Caribbean MAs: Date displayed is incorrect
  • FCP-3157: Fix QueueException class
  • FCP-3174: Admin Tool: Player Registration Window Open/Close
  • FCP-3301: Admin Tool: clear environment button
  • FCP-3309: Admin Tool: append field custom labels system config
  • FCP-3631: Include Custom Fields in API Call and Documentation
  • FCP-3610: ID Cards: refactoring (this was made only for Caribbean cluster, so there is no impact for other)
  • FCP-3620: Multiple click on Submit create multiple WorkTasks [FD: 177145] (should prevent from any form of double clicking)
  • FCP-3644: FIN: Add Level 'Amateur (Under Contract)' to all Clubs [FD: 174099]