This information is to provide Member Associations with guidance on how to create, verify a User account, then apply and review for Admin Roles.

1. Creating and verify a User account - refer to Club Guide.

2. Request Admin Access to an Organisation - refer to Club Guide.

3. Reviewing a Admin Role Application (Approve/Reject Admin Roles) - refer to Club Guide.


You need to be a Team Leader Role to have the option 'Review Roles Applications'


4. Email Notifications

When Admin Role applications are made, email notifications are sent to the relevant System Admin Role email addresses.

5. System Admin Role

The System Admin Role at every level is the only Admin Role that can review (Approve/Reject) Admin Roles Applications for that particular level. Excluding the MA System Admin Role, any Applications for the System Admin Role from Lower levels (RA, DA, Club) are sent to the System Admin at the next level above.

System Admin Roles can also drill down to approve Admin Role Application at lower levels.

For a detailed explanation of Admin Role Approval and Email Notification, refer to Admin_Role-Detailed_Approval_Matrix.pdf.

Video Demonstration of MA User approving all Admin Roles (with MA > RA > Club Structure) - Video Demonstration.

6. The first MA System Admin Role

The first MA System Admin role is approved by the FCP Support Team. Once the first MA System Admin application has been approved the MA System Admin then becomes the primary user that reviews Admin Role applications that are applicable to the MA level. 

7. Admin Roles

User Roles, for every level, and what functions each role can perform are listed in the attached Role Matrix (PDF, XLSX).

User Roles for MA Level are:

8. User Access Settings - refer to MA Guide.

9. User Management Reporting - refer to MA Guide.

10. User Management - refer to MA Guide.

11. User Account Security

  • If a user performs 5 unsuccessful log in attempts, they will be prevented from logging in for 10 minutes.
  • When a user is changing a password, it’s not possible to use the current password. A new password must be selected.
  • If a user is inactive on FIFA Connect for 30 minutes, they will be automatically logged out on their next attempted action.
  • If a User Account (Username and Password) is used simultaneously by more than one person, the first user will be automatically logged out.


Every user should have their own User Account (Username and Password); accounts should not be shared between.