This information is to provide Member Associations with guidance on how to manage User Accounts, including searching, viewing linked persons, resending verification and account deletion.

1. Log in at MA level


The functions referred to in this guide are only available to users with the MA System Admin role.

2. Select 'User Management', under 'Users' in the menu


3. Enter your search term and select 'Search'

You can search for all or part of an email address

4. All user accounts matching your search will be listed

The status indicates whether the email address used for the User Account has been confirmed (a verification email is sent to the user to action when they create a User Account). 

5. Select the action you wish to take for the User Account

a) Resend Verification

Select the 'Resend Verification' button. A confirmation message will appear in your browser; select 'OK' to send a new User Account verification email.

Only User Accounts that are not confirmed can be resent the verification email.

b) Reset Password

Select the 'Reset Password' button. A confirmation message will appear in your browser; select 'Continue' to confirm and have the system email the user a link to reset their password.

Only User Accounts that are confirmed can have their password reset.

c) Linked Persons

Select the 'Linked Persons' button to view a list of the persons in the system that are linked to the User Account.

If self-registration is enabled for your MA, the User Account will be able to complete self-registration for any linked persons.

d)  Admin Roles

Select the 'Admin Roles' button to view a list of the admin roles the user currently holds, has previously held, or has applied for.

You will also be able to view or modify the User Access settings of the user's account - refer to MA Guide.

e) Delete

Select the 'Delete' button. A confirmation message will appear in your browser; select 'Continue' to confirm and delete the User Account.

User Accounts that are not confirmed can be deleted.

User Accounts that are confirmed, must not have any Admin Roles or Linked Persons to be Deleted.

This action cannot be undone; the user will need to create their account again to be able to log into the system.

6. Viewing Linked Person 

If  Self Registration is configured and a person is linked to a User Account, the Linked User Account is displayed on the Person Dashboard.

From the User Management tool, Persons can be disconnected. 

 After disconnecting the person, they are then able to be linked to another User Account.

7. Linked 'In Progress' Persons 

If a User registering via Self Registration, for the first time, does not submit the registration and does not use the 'Cancel' button, the Person Status is saved as ‘In Progress’ and is no longer able to be resumed.

lt is recommended that if a person status is 'Pending', then the pending registration should either be approved or rejected before being disconnected form the User Account.

If the person is an Adult the registration must be disconnected in order for the User to add a new Adult registration.


You should 'Set as Deleted' the ‘In Progress’ person first (to deactivate the HETU number used), then 'Disconnect' the Person. The 'Set as Deleted' button is only enabled if the Person Status is 'In Progress'.