This information is to provide Member Associations with guidance on how to renew inactive clubs.

1. Drill down to or log in as a Club


A Club-level user performing a Club renewal must have the Club Secretary Admin user role

2. Select 'My Club'

3. Select 'Renew' at the bottom of the page

Only Inactive clubs can be renewed

Inactive Clubs are not able to commence new registrations or requests, however may continue with existing Work Tasks on the Dashboard.

4. Renew Registration

The renewal process takes you through the registration flow where you click 'Continue' to proceed through each required Step.

5. Review Club Details

6. Review Contact Details

7. Review Organisation Details

8. View and Update Documents

When club is being renewed, their existing documents remain to 'View' or 'Replace' as required (for example a new Minutes of Annual General Meeting document as the previous one for the club is now redundant)

To view the document, click on the blue hyperlink under each 'Description' and to replace the document select 'Click here to update this file'

9. License

The Licence may be selected automatically, with optional add-on items also available for selection

If license fees are not required for your registration, you can select 'Continue' to proceed to the Summary screen (step 11 of this user guide)


10. Payment Options

Upon choosing the license you then have the option to 'Pay Now' or 'Pay Later' 

  • Pay Now: By choosing this option it will then take you to the payment portal where you have a list of options to pay for the registration
  • Pay Later: By choosing this option it will then submit the registration, however an invoice will be created for you to pay later

The Registration of the Club cannot be approved and made active until Payment is made

12. Summary

The Summary screen allows you to check that all details entered are correct before submitting the club registration, please ensure you check all the information

If you need to change any information click on the edit link


Make sure you click the edit link relating to the area you want to change, for example the Contact Details




13. Submit Registration

When all information has been checked, click on Submit to go to Payment portal (if Pay Now was selected previously) or Submit to Member Association where registration will then be complete (Pending Payment before approval) 


14. Registration Submitted