This information is to provide Member Associations with guidance on how to merge records that have been identified as duplicates within their own environment by the Member Association.

The user will need to have the 'MA Stakeholder Management' user role at the Member Association to access the functionality for merging duplicate records.

There is no function for the user to undo the merge once it has been completed. Please contact the FCP Support Team for advice before completing a merge.
Before commencing this process, every care should be taken by the user to verify that the records identified are for the same person and that any similarities between them are not just coincidence or an error by another user (such as uploading the incorrect photo for a person).

1. Identify member record (duplicate) to be merged into another member record (master)

Take note of the MA ID Numbers for both records.

The master record, which should be the most complete or current of the two, will be retained. Any registrations and/or documents from the duplicate can be merged into the master.

You should decide at this stage which registrations and documents should be merged from the duplicate into the master record, and which are not required.

If your Member Association has self-registration enabled, it is important that you ask the FCP Support Team to check whether each record is linked to a user account before proceeding beyond this step.

2. Navigate to the record of the duplicate member

Navigate to the duplicate profile by searching for them and selecting 'View', or by drilling down to the organisation they are registered for and selecting 'View' from the person list.


3. Select ‘Mark as Duplicate’ from the person’s menu


4. Enter the MA ID of the record identified as the master


5. View and confirm master record


6. Select which registrations/documents to merge from the duplicate into the master record


All registrations/documents that will be required must be selected now. Once the record is marked as a duplicate, you will not be able to merge any unmerged registrations/documents from that record later.
Unmerged registrations for the duplicate profile will have their status changed to 'Deleted'.

7. Review details of the merge and if all is correct, select 'Mark as Duplicate' to confirm


8. Review registrations of merged record

Once the above steps are complete, you should then navigate to the record that had been designated as the master profile to review the registrations.

You will need to ensure that the person has only one Active or Passive registration per sport per playing role; if there is more than one Active registration per Sport and Role then the status of one or more of those registrations will need to be manually changed.

Refer to the user guides linked below for more information regarding statuses and manual status changes. Before manually changing the status of a registration it is strongly advised to contact the FCP Support Team for advice.

For an explanation of registration statuses please refer to Status - Overview

For instructions on how to manually update the status if required, please refer to Status Change - Manual

If you do not review the master profile after completing a duplicate merge, it may result in unexpected system behaviour for that person (e.g. future transfer/loan requests may be received by the incorrect club etc).