This information is to guide Self Registration users to purchase optional products and licences, after they have submitted their registration and the registration has been approved. 

1. Log into your User Account

After your registration has been approved, log into your User Account.

2. Add Product/Licence

Once your registration is Active, click 'Add Product/Licence'.



3. Review Registration

Review Registration information, then click 'Continue'.

4. Select Products or Licences

Select any optional products or licences that you wish to add to your registration.

Upon making a selection you then have the option to 'Pay Now' or 'Pay Later':

  • Pay Now: By choosing this option it will then take you to the payment portal where you can process a payment.
  • Pay Later: By choosing this option it will then submit the purchase, however an invoice will be created for you to pay later.

It's recommended that you select Pay Now. If you select Pay Later or your payment is unsuccessful you must contact the club or association that you are registered to arrange payment. Ensure you have a valid Credit Card or your online payment details available.

5. Submit

On the Summary step, review your selection.

If you have selected Pay Now, then click "Proceed to payment and Submit to ...." to be directed to the payment portal.

If you have selected Pay Later, then click 'Submit to ...", and contact your club or association to arrange payment.

6. Confirmation

After returning from the payment portal or after submission to pay later, a confirmation screen will appear confirming your payment or the creation of an invoice.

Click 'Return to your Dashboard'.


7. Viewing Transactions

From the your Dashboard click the 'Transactions' tab to view the Products and Licences that you have purchased.


8. Log out

To log out, click the cog (in the top right-hand corner), then click 'Logout'.

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