This information is for Member Associations to explain how to Player Passport functions.

The Player Passport is a record of the Clubs that a Person has been registered to (including on Loan) as a Football Player, since their 12th birthday.

The Player Passport will display the playing history in as few records as possible; this means that player registrations in consecutive seasons with the same Club, Level and Registration Type (Permanent or On Loan) will be grouped into a single record spanning that entire duration of time.

An 'End' date will not be listed for the current record, as the Player is still registered there. An 'End' date is assigned to a record when there is a new Active registration for the Player where the Club, Level or Registration Type differs (including if an International Transfer Out is performed for them).

  • Registrations for Roles other than Player (i.e. Coach, Referee, etc.) are not recorded on the Player Passport.
  • Registrations for Sports other than Football (i.e. Futsal, Recreational Football, etc.) are not recorded on the Player Passport.