This information will explain how to initiate a Request for an ITC (International Transfer Certificate) Document.

1. Select People

2. Select 'Request or Start a Transfer'

A transfer is performed when a Club wants to register a player who currently exists within the MA with another Club

3. Transfer Details

Select if the Transfer type 'International Transfer In'.

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4. International Transfer Certificate (ITC)

The system will then ask you 'Does the Player have an ITC?' This stands for International Transfer Certificate.

Players registered at one Association may only be registered at a new 

Association once the latter has received an ITC from the former Association

5. No ITC for Player

If you do not have the ITC for the Player, then by clicking on 'No' you will be provided with a form to complete to Request for an ITC, once completed click on 'Submit'.

This form does not complete an ITC request, it will inform your Association you need an ITC and they will contact you to advise the correct process

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All fields marked with an * are a compulsory field and must be completed

6. Request Submitted

Confirmation that the request has been sent to your Association will appear, from here your Association will contact the Club with the required information. Once the correct process has been followed and the ITC has been received it will be emailed to your Club.