This information will explain how to action Transfer Requests that appear on your Club Work Task List.

1. Transfer Work Task

You may receive transfer requests from other Clubs for a player currently registered to your Club, the below will explain how to complete such work tasks.  The email address linked to the Club Details will also receive email notifications of such work tasks.

2. View and Approve Transfer

An example of a Transfer Request awaiting action in a Club Work Tasks is in the screen shot below, to begin completing this work task, click on 'View and Approve'.

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3. Review Request

The next screen will list the Player's Personal Information, Contact Details and the Transfer Details.

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4. Transfer Details

This area lists the Club requesting the transfer and provides the Requesting Clubs reason for the transfer request under 'Additional Comments'

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5. Approve or Reject a Transfer

The next step is to either Approve or Reject the Transfer which can be found at the bottom of the page under 'Transfer Details'

By Approving you are giving access to all of the Players details to the new Club

By selecting to 'Approve' the Transfer you will then receive the below confirmation screen, this work task will now be removed from your dashboard.

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By selecting to 'Reject Transfer' you are then required to specify a reason why your Club is rejecting the transfer, insert comments then click on 'Submit'

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Confirmation that the Transfer has been rejected will appear and the Requesting Club will be notified via email notification, this work task will now be removed from your Clubs Dashboard.

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