This information will explain how to action Work Tasks that have a Status of ‘Task On Hold’ that appears on your Club Work Task List.

Work Tasks that have been placed on hold would have come directly from either National or Regional Association, where a registration that your Club has submitted has been sent back to your Club for further information or clarification.

Examples of a ‘Task On Hold’ that requires your attention would be:

  • Player Registration 
  • Coach Registration 
  • Team Official Registration 
  • Club Official Registration

Some examples of why the Registration may be sent back to your Club would include:

  • Incorrect information submitted (e.g. Name of Member does not match Passport) 
  • Document(s) uploaded were not correct (e.g. out of date Passport) 
  • Certificate selected does not match Document uploaded (e.g. coach)

1. Filter Work Tasks by 'Task on Hold' 

To view all Tasks on Hold that require immediate action go to Work Tasks and filter 'Status' by selecting 'Task on Hold'

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In the above example the first example is highlighted in a darker grey and with the Red line to the left of the Players Name because this is a new task since the Club last logged in.

2. View Work History Notes

To view why this task was placed on hold and sent back to the Club, click on ‘View’. Review Registration Tabs and click on ‘Registration Details’ tab, here under ‘Work History’ you will see the comments as to why registration could not be approved.

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3. Resolve Issue

Upon reading the notes, you will now know what is required to update the registration, once completed then click on the 'Resolve' button

4. Work Task Notes

Upon Submission, add any notes that indicate what changes you have made

5. Registration Resubmitted for Approval

You will then receive confirmation that the registration for the Member is now back with the National or Regional Association to action.