This information will explain how to request administrator access to a Club to manage it's registrations



1. Sign in

Sign in using your email address and password when you created an account (see How To Register for Access to FIFA Connect) for more information



If you have forgotten your password then click the 'Forgot you password?' text beneath the 'Sign In' button.

You will be taken through a process that will let you reset your password 




2. Application for Roles

Click 'Apply to become an Administrator'.  Here you can search for the Organisation Name and Role

  • Organisation Name - Start typing the Name of the Club and select the appropriate Club
  • Role - Drop down list of Roles available based on the Member Associations Configuration


You can apply for more than one role by repeating the process, or by holding down the 'Ctrl' key while you click the roles in order to select multiple at once.

Alternatively, to apply for all the Admin Roles, hold down the 'Shift' key, then click the first Admin Role then the last Admin Role.


3. Club Admin Roles


4. Role Application Submitted

Once a role application has been submitted, a confirmation message will appear, an email will be sent to the Club Systems Administrator notifying them of the request for a Role within their Club for them to confirm or reject


5. Email confirmation of request

As well as the Club System Administrator receiving an email of the role request, an email is sent to confirm that the application has been submitted




6. Registration confirmed

By clicking on 'Confirm' a tab on your internet browser will open notifying that the user is successfully confirmed

You can now be redirected back to the login page by selecting 'login'


7. Role Request Successful 

Once the Club Systems Administrator has Approved the role you will receive an email notifying you as such