Dear Member Association, Dear FIFA Connect Platform users,

A new release of the FIFA Connect Platform is planned on tomorrow Tuesday, September 8th at 10:00 am Melbourne time (GMT + 10:00).

No downtime is expected during the maintenance, I will send a confirmation email once the execution is done.

The release contains the following changes and bug fixes:

· Self-Registration Transfer button, after successful transfer

· Duplicate Receipt for paying for multiple items on one invoice [FD: 1793]

· Language Selection Changes [FD #1788 and #2155]

· Transfer and Loan Blocked on Date of Birth Field

· Viewing Document using iPad Portrait

· Minor/Adult Date Time

· Manual Payment of Invoice generated below MA Level

· Payment Options Panel - Summary Screen of Bulk Renewal

· Converting a Payment from Paid to an unpaid an Invoice

· Loan Dates Validation (issues entering Valid Dates)