This article provides the necessary information for system Users to see when a Match was set as ''Completed'', and who changed it.

In FCMS. it is possible to change the status of a match.

It is also possible to see WHO and When a match status has been changed.

How to see a match Status updates:
  1. Log into FCMS and select a Competition that has results entered (and has matches marked as Completed)
  2. Select a Match
  3. 3) Once you have selected a match, now click on ''History'' 

  4. A pop-up screen will appear showing you the following for match sheet submission

  • Name of person
  • Role(s) they have
  • date and time of submission

How to see  match status updates details:

To get more specific details about this status change, you can navigate to the 'Match Data' section and then select 'History' as outlined below."

Here, you will find the information you need:

  • Name of person
  • Role(s) 
  • Change(s) made
  • Date and time of change