This article will provide necessary steps to the Member Associations on how to delete an existing fixture for a required competition in the Football Competition Management system.

1. Log in to the Competition Management system 

To get started, the first thing we would need to do is to log in to the Competition Management system, using your credentials.

User should have an approved Competition Manager or Regional Competition Manager role to be able to delete fixtures.

2. Select the Competition where you want to delete the fixture

On the left menu, Click on Competitions and select required competition you want to modify by clicking on little eye icon or just clicking on Competition name. 

3. Select the Stage in which you want to delete the Fixture

Now that you have selected the Competition, select the Stage where fixture should be deleted and expand it.

4. Select required fixture in the "Matches" Tab

After selecting the Stage, system automatically moves to "Matches" tab where all the matches in the stage are visible. Scroll down (or use filter option) and look for the Fixture you want to Delete. After doing so, tick on the box by selecting unrequired Fixture.

User can select multiple fixtures to be deleted.

5. Delete unrequired fixture

When unrequired match is selected by ticking on the box, you will see Actions button appearing on the right side of the screen. Click on Actions button to see available options:

Competition manager 
or Regional Competition Manager would be able to use following options on matches which have Scheduled or Postponed status:

  • Complete matches (Mark match as completed)
  • Cancel matches (Mark match as canceled)
  • Postpone matches (Postpone match if match is currently marked as Scheduled)
  • Abandon matches (Mark match as Abandoned)
  • Delete matches (Delete unrequired match from the competition stage)

Fixture which is marked as "Completed" can not be deleted.

When clicked on Delete matches button, user will get a notification from the system which will ask to confirm match deletion:

When "Delete" button is clicked, fixture will be removed and message in green box will appear:

Unrequired fixture is now deleted.