This guide is to provide Member Associations with information on the prompt to confirm the first registration of a professional player that can appear in approval work tasks.

This function is related to the future integration of FIFA Connect with the FIFA Clearing House for Training Compensation and Solidarity payments, however the Clearing House is currently still in development.


During approval of a Professional Football Player, the below question may be displayed at the top of the 'Registration Details' tab.

This question must be answered before you are able to Approve the registration.



This question will only display if:

  • A person is being registered as a Professional Football Player; AND,
  • That person has not been registered as a Professional Football Player in your local FIFA Connect environment before.

If a player has been registered as a Professional previously outside of FIFA Connect (either in your Country or Internationally), then the system will not be able to take that into account for whether it should ask the question.


Your answer to this question should take into consideration the entire history of the Player, not just registrations in your local FIFA Connect environment or your Country.

You should be able to answer based on:

  • Whether the Player has previously been registered with your Association as a Professional; OR,
  • For Players that have transferred from overseas, their Player Passport that was sent to your Association when you requested their ITC will contain this information.